A Year of Triggers

Last year, around this same time, the Access Hollywood tape of Trump gloating about his predatory treatment of women was made public. But that wasn’t the first time male power and predation was news in recent times. The news about Cosby, when first known, was shocking, disappointing, and so frequently in the news that people like me couldn’t help feeling attacked and frightened all over again.

Then men in the news business, the Fox network, were accused and removed. Now it is Harvey Weinstein. But nothing is so clear cut as this brief description might seem to make it. It is a long and torturous process from accusation to removal. Men in power cannot be easily taken down. Their very power protects them as their lawyers circle, and pay off women who would be vocal. These men attack and they harass with impunity and we discover that for years it has been no secret that they are dangerous to women.

I keep wondering whatever happened to the more than 12 women who accused Trump before the election? How has that been swept under the carpet (Ruiz, M. Oct. 12, 2017)? When others are accused, there is hardly a mention of our Predator-in-Chief. There cannot be separate standards for the line-up of men and the one at the head of the line and at the head of our country (Pavlovitz, J. 2017).  It will never, ever be OK with me that people, knowing this, put the man in office.  

Much, too much, has been written about this issue over the past week and the news articles of sexual aggression and the powerlessness of women have felt like huge waves washing over us, knocking us over just as we get our feet under us once again.

But there is one aspect of this that might be new. The fact that such news hits victims, survivors, and others in the face, causing a kind of shock to the system cannot be helped but must be managed, somehow (Schnuelle, S. 2017). We arm ourselves with every possible method we can find to soothe our minds, bodies, and souls.

Yet, there were days, months, and years when such stories never made it out of the back rooms where it occurred. While that may have given us peace, it was a false peace born of silent, suffering women who will never be known.

This doesn’t feel better.

But it is better.

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